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Scholarships sponsored by Ting Internet. We believe all students should have access to the highest quality STEM education regardless of their family’s income. Our goal is to award scholarships for every student who pays to access LabRats Enrichment Courses.

If your student qualifies for the free or reduced meal program at their school, fill out the form below.


Is the Mobile STEAM Lab currently outside your price range?

Below are some amazing organizations that may be able to help you bring STEAM education to your group!

This grant is offered through individual districts in San Diego County and may be a supportive resource for schools or nonprofits that want to bring LabRats’ Mobile STEAM Lab to underprivileged youth in and around the Encinitas community.

  • San Diego County Neighborhood Reinvestment Grant

If your group is close to LabRats’ STEAM Discovery Center in Encinitas, California, then you may be located in District 3, too.

Links to other district offices in San Diego County are also listed below.

    • The Cushman Foundation

      “It is the philosophy of the Cushman Foundation to have a sense of social responsibility and to honor the communities in which they have conducted business. The Foundation is giving back to the city that has supported their family for generations. The Cushman Foundation supports a diversified array of community and humanitarian endeavors with a goal of bringing about constructive change and promoting human welfare.”

    • The Beckman Coulter Foundation 

      Vision: Advancing healthcare, scientific education and discovery, philanthropy and associate engagement.”

      Mission: Supporting innovative diagnostic and scientific solutions that improve healthcare and wellbeing, while providing philanthropic opportunities that engage and inspire associates.”

    • General Atomics Sciences Education Foundation

      “The General Atomics Sciences Education Foundation has been actively involved in improving K-12 science and engineering education since 1992 by providing outreach support to GA employees, funding STEM nonprofit organizations, and developing educational resources.”

    • The San Diego Foundation 

      “…we help move nonprofit programs and organizations forward to better serve our disadvantaged citizens and provide greater equity and opportunity for everyone. We invite grant seekers to apply for a grant that positively impacts and further enhances our community.”

Scholarships Page Layout

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