Grades 4-8: Aerospace Engineers & Makers Space

Address: 6353 Corte Del Abeto, Carlsbad, CA 92011

Saturdays from 12pm – 2pm. Students get 1 hour of hands on science lab where they explore the science that humans use to fly and make it to space. . Students will learn principles of engineering  to build planes, rockets and other engineering challenges that we have to overcome to travel into space.  After students participate in a 1hours makers space where they get the freedom to build create or explore topics that interest them most. 

11:45am-12:00pm: Drop Off/ Check in

12:00pm-1:00pm:Aerospace Engineering

1:00pm-2:00pm: Open Makers Lab

2:00pm-2:15pmm: Pick Up

Schedule: Saturdays Only

May 6th :  12pm-2pm 

May 13th : 12pm-2pm 

May 20th : 12pm-2pm 



Scholarships provided by TING: Interested? 

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