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Our approach is based on “Engagement Education”, with scientists teaching science to create fun and engaging experiences. This empowers students to build strong character, self-confidence, passion and strength in knowledge. The primary goal is to provide an encouraging and enriching STEAM education to help youth find their passion and achieve their personal best.

Enrichment Courses

Our Mobile Lab can bring any of our courses to anywhere in San Diego County.

We offer courses for three specific age bands: K-2, 3-5, 6-8.

Each course is broken down into four unique 1-hour lessons.

Courses cover a wide range of topics from NGSS physical and life sciences to STEM topics of the future, such as coding, robotics, and forensics.

Courses & Workshops
Courses & Workshops


Using our Mobile Lab, we can deliver any of our 100+ hands-on lessons to you.

We provide fun and empowering STEM education to your classroom or event. We can also help your scout troop to achieve the STEM merit badge.

Each interactive lab provides students with an opportunity to engage in hands-on experiments. We provide simple demonstrations of advanced concepts, designed to empower students to achieve through STEM.


Dr. Shawn Carlson: Dr. Carlson received Bachelor Degrees in both Physics and Applied Mathematics from UC Berkeley in 1981, a Masters Degree in Physics and a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from UCLA in 1983 and 1989 respectively. Dr. Carlson is a nationally known science writer and the creative mind behind LabRats. He is passionate to share his experience and teach youth the incredible world of science that is all around us.

J. Ryan Merrill: Ryan received a Masters in Chemistry from the University of Colorado Boulder in 2015, and a Bachelor degree in Chemistry from University of California Santa Barbara in 2013. Ryan spent 2 years teaching general chemistry class and labs at UC Boulder, and over 6 years of tutoring STEM related classes. He grew up in Encinitas and attended LCCHS, loves the local community and wants to give back and share his love for science.

Courses & Workshops

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