All of our classes currently are through our mobile STEM Lab. we are still fundraising for our own facility. Some of our partnerships are restricted, so you must currently attend that specific school or district, others might be open to everyone. please pay attention when you are signing up. We have attached links for the different sign up pages, we are currently not handling any signups ourselves. 

labrats schedule-Recovered

Bonsall West Elementary : grades 4-6 : June 21-24th : Restricted to Bonsall Students Only 

Bonsall Elementary : Grades K – 3 : June 27-July 1 : Restricted to Bonsall Students Only [FULL]

San Elijo Middle : Grades 6 – 8 : July 11 – 15th : Open to All

San Elijo Middle : Grades 6 – 8 : July 18 – 22nd : Open to All

Level up San Diego Unified School District : Grades 6-8 : Four different weeks : Restricted to San Diego Unified Students Only

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